Dream on little dreamer 

We all have dreams we want to make them true,  however we might sometimes get disappointed. It’s hard  when people doesn’t support your ideas,  or think your desires are way too crazy or hard to get.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from those who wish you to settle for less. 

You might find in the way people who will like to see you fail,  people who will laugh at you or either talk behind your back. Instead of hating or fighting them just prove them wrong,  show them what you are made of. Just get rid off doubled faced people who secretly wish you nothing but failure and yet pretend to be your very best friends.  

Never let anyone to tell you “you can’t  do that ”  “you aren’t good at that ” “people will be constantly judging you “what a reckless idea”…

Surround yourself with people whom despite  your crazy but most profound and honest wishes, they’ll support and cheer you up to pursuit your dreamed life. 

Surround yourself of those who are willing to help you convert your insecurities into strenghts,  those who will  give you good advices,  those who expect nothing else but to see you happy. 

Most  importantly make your dreams come true no matter how “impossible” they look, HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Dream and achieve, and NEVER SETTLE. Do whatever makes you happy and don’t mind what others say,  it’s your life not theirs. 

If you want things to get done peacefully then let your dreams be a secret until you achieve them;  there’s nothing more pleasant than saying this is my dream and I made it come true. 

DON’T  wait for tomorrow, START NOW! 


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