More than once we have done any type of sacrifice,  whether is not lunching because you’ve got to study for a test, saving money to buy job equipment, take someone on an special date or giving up on sleep due to take care of somebody, etc.  
Sometimes we don’t appreciate the sacrifices that others do for us the right way.  So,  whenever someone does something for you just be thankful, you have no idea of what that person might have gaven up to in order to give you anything that could possibly make you happy. 

No matter what you get from someone else,  remember to be grateful, we don’t know how hard might have been for that person to get you something special. Even the smallest detail is pure gold.  We must learn not to take things for granted cause we don’t know how hard were they to get. 

There’s a difference of knowing  what a sacrifice is and actually appreciating  and doing them when it comes from someone who’s not your family,  due to this, any effort someone else  has done for you, has a big impact. I’d learn about  the importance of small events such as a surprise visit at home, an encouraging text or even a call just to say hello have a good day.

Whether we must share our last piece of our favorite cookie  with our siblings, parents  or any other person,  do it with love and never take anything for granted. 


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