I’m not like you

I don’t think the way you do, I don’t act the way you do, nor love like you do.

I am the total opposite of many, I rather be quiet and forget what happen, others instead, like to remember things that just hurt themselves and just like to keep alive the bitter taste of a fight.

I’m not like you, I like peaceful places, were nature’s is my only company, I’d choose to discover new places were I can take pictures and talk about random stuff; places were I can be easily happy.

I’m not like others, who open up and trusts easily; I take my time to see who’s worth my attention and effort. I’m just someone who´s willing to open up whenever i feel confident and secure about something. I don´t rush, i take things step by step… let´s say, just enjoying the journey.

However I’m a lot like you, I get confused sometimes, so many questions but so little time. I don’t know what life has settle for me in the future, Im just letting things work the way i think they should go. I am on my constant pursuit of happiness, my true love, whatever that may be. But still, I believe that things will get even better.

I believe in a better world. A world perfect for us.