Where to go? Who’s worth my time? Am I on the right direction? Did I make a good decision? Am I gonna regret about…?

We all got different struggles , whether what are we doing with our life, with our decisions. It’s hard to see the light when you’re confused, you get mixed feelings, and in some extent, some guilty, because you have no idea what to do.

What makes us feel like we aren’t capable of loving? Of living pleasantly?or to make things?- Is it fear?

Fear might be the one who always makes us step backwards. We think we aren’t enough or that we are a total fail. The problem about fear is that we don’t listen to our second mind, the one who’s telling us what’s wrong or what’s happening. Once we listen to that inner voice (that sometimes we just want to ignore) we’ll be capable of recognising what’s going on.

Fear is a thought of failure, the one who always makes us feel like total losers, that we can’t progress, but is not like that. We got the power to choose between living with it or not.

Lets not run away from our fear, but to embrace it, to see it face to face.