Brief chapters…new beginnings

One day you are a nutritionist and the next day you become a journalist ¿Why does life changes all of a sudden? we certainly don’t know or maybe deep down we do. Life is very unpredictable. There might be a time when we think that everything is in it’s place or that we got everything under control, but is not, and that’s when we become vulnerable, lost and some might be without any guidance or clue of where to go.

There’s something about us that’s hard to comprehend, some people are just scared of changes, but aren’t they the ones who teach us better? Decisions lead to new beginnings to new roads and even if we are not ready for them, we’d learn or try how to deal with it the best way, even though we weren’t ready for it. Let’s take decisions for our good for our future, but more than that, let’s make decisions that’ll make us happy along the way without any second thoughts.

We can’t take life for granted, one day we are doing just fine with our work, our studies, our health, family and the next day is a total different story cause of one decision, think of them as a good thing that needs to happen for better.

Our life perspective says much about our heart and thoughts.

We must be strong whenever changes knock our door, we’ll never know what to expect, and yes it’s scary but we are not meant to settle or do nothing, the contrary, we must face it, embrace it and turn them into good things, positive ones. It might be hard because we don’t know how one decision will turn out, but if you never try you’ll never know.

Life is a curious thing, one chapter is closed and other one opens in a blink of an eye. Thus, make it work.


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