Honduras under conflict due to its recent elections

It’s hard to know that Honduras is in crisis once again.

Today, nov. 29th, strikes against the TSE (Tribunal Supremo Electoral) or Supreme Electoral Tribunal, began in the entire country in support of the presidential candidate for the Alianza, Salvador Nasralla who by majority of votes won.

Despite that hondurans know that Nasralla is the winner, the TSE is linked with the current National Party president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, so there’s a desmotivation that he might moves the pieces for his own good.

There is a lack of transparency in the current Hernández government due that he has been linked with drug trafficking and corruption in our country and that’s why hondurans are not confident about the TSE statistics and results.

We’ve been lied several times by Hernández, our country its been selled to other countries by parts because of him. Violence is arising. Corruption is part of his way to get anything he wants in his favor.

Hondurans just begun fights against militars and policemen, many are being hurt.

We are afraid that our beloved country will be left out without any international help, we are a small country that has been governed by the wrong ones for many years. For once, we thought and put our trust in Salvador Nasralla, because he as an outsider has proven to us that he’s willing to make a big change for Honduras.

However Hernández is not willing to quit the power he has, he controls every institution and all of them act in his favor. He’s doing whatever it takes to set himself into power for many years to come.