Honduras under conflict due to its recent elections

It’s hard to know that Honduras is in crisis once again.

Today, nov. 29th, strikes against the TSE (Tribunal Supremo Electoral) or Supreme Electoral Tribunal, began in the entire country in support of the presidential candidate for the Alianza, Salvador Nasralla who by majority of votes won.

Despite that hondurans know that Nasralla is the winner, the TSE is linked with the current National Party president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, so there’s a desmotivation that he might moves the pieces for his own good.

There is a lack of transparency in the current Hernández government due that he has been linked with drug trafficking and corruption in our country and that’s why hondurans are not confident about the TSE statistics and results.

We’ve been lied several times by Hernández, our country its been selled to other countries by parts because of him. Violence is arising. Corruption is part of his way to get anything he wants in his favor.

Hondurans just begun fights against militars and policemen, many are being hurt.

We are afraid that our beloved country will be left out without any international help, we are a small country that has been governed by the wrong ones for many years. For once, we thought and put our trust in Salvador Nasralla, because he as an outsider has proven to us that he’s willing to make a big change for Honduras.

However Hernández is not willing to quit the power he has, he controls every institution and all of them act in his favor. He’s doing whatever it takes to set himself into power for many years to come.


Brief chapters…new beginnings

One day you are a nutritionist and the next day you become a journalist ¿Why does life changes all of a sudden? we certainly don’t know or maybe deep down we do. Life is very unpredictable. There might be a time when we think that everything is in it’s place or that we got everything under control, but is not, and that’s when we become vulnerable, lost and some might be without any guidance or clue of where to go.

There’s something about us that’s hard to comprehend, some people are just scared of changes, but aren’t they the ones who teach us better? Decisions lead to new beginnings to new roads and even if we are not ready for them, we’d learn or try how to deal with it the best way, even though we weren’t ready for it. Let’s take decisions for our good for our future, but more than that, let’s make decisions that’ll make us happy along the way without any second thoughts.

We can’t take life for granted, one day we are doing just fine with our work, our studies, our health, family and the next day is a total different story cause of one decision, think of them as a good thing that needs to happen for better.

Our life perspective says much about our heart and thoughts.

We must be strong whenever changes knock our door, we’ll never know what to expect, and yes it’s scary but we are not meant to settle or do nothing, the contrary, we must face it, embrace it and turn them into good things, positive ones. It might be hard because we don’t know how one decision will turn out, but if you never try you’ll never know.

Life is a curious thing, one chapter is closed and other one opens in a blink of an eye. Thus, make it work.

Not quite

There’s a thing that’s almost the thing you want but is not quite the one.

Whether is a career we choose, our work place, our boyfriend/girlfriend, a blouse o pair of sneakers we’ve just bought sometimes it feels right, but deep down you know is not the one for you. There’s an inside voice that keeps telling you “there’s something else, something better…just keep searching”. Meanwhile we are wanderers looking out for what’s best for us, we have this incredible sense of knowing or better said recognising what’s the best and indicated.

We must never settle by thinking that things can’t get any better, cause they for sure will, one thing we don’t know for certain is when.

I’m not like you

I don’t think the way you do, I don’t act the way you do, nor love like you do.

I am the total opposite of many, I rather be quiet and forget what happen, others instead, like to remember things that just hurt themselves and just like to keep alive the bitter taste of a fight.

I’m not like you, I like peaceful places, were nature’s is my only company, I’d choose to discover new places were I can take pictures and talk about random stuff; places were I can be easily happy.

I’m not like others, who open up and trusts easily; I take my time to see who’s worth my attention and effort. I’m just someone who´s willing to open up whenever i feel confident and secure about something. I don´t rush, i take things step by step… let´s say, just enjoying the journey.

However I’m a lot like you, I get confused sometimes, so many questions but so little time. I don’t know what life has settle for me in the future, Im just letting things work the way i think they should go. I am on my constant pursuit of happiness, my true love, whatever that may be. But still, I believe that things will get even better.

I believe in a better world. A world perfect for us.

Dream on little dreamer 

We all have dreams we want to make them true,  however we might sometimes get disappointed. It’s hard  when people doesn’t support your ideas,  or think your desires are way too crazy or hard to get.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from those who wish you to settle for less. 

You might find in the way people who will like to see you fail,  people who will laugh at you or either talk behind your back. Instead of hating or fighting them just prove them wrong,  show them what you are made of. Just get rid off doubled faced people who secretly wish you nothing but failure and yet pretend to be your very best friends.  

Never let anyone to tell you “you can’t  do that ”  “you aren’t good at that ” “people will be constantly judging you “what a reckless idea”…

Surround yourself with people whom despite  your crazy but most profound and honest wishes, they’ll support and cheer you up to pursuit your dreamed life. 

Surround yourself of those who are willing to help you convert your insecurities into strenghts,  those who will  give you good advices,  those who expect nothing else but to see you happy. 

Most  importantly make your dreams come true no matter how “impossible” they look, HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Dream and achieve, and NEVER SETTLE. Do whatever makes you happy and don’t mind what others say,  it’s your life not theirs. 

If you want things to get done peacefully then let your dreams be a secret until you achieve them;  there’s nothing more pleasant than saying this is my dream and I made it come true. 

DON’T  wait for tomorrow, START NOW! 


More than once we have done any type of sacrifice,  whether is not lunching because you’ve got to study for a test, saving money to buy job equipment, take someone on an special date or giving up on sleep due to take care of somebody, etc.  
Sometimes we don’t appreciate the sacrifices that others do for us the right way.  So,  whenever someone does something for you just be thankful, you have no idea of what that person might have gaven up to in order to give you anything that could possibly make you happy. 

No matter what you get from someone else,  remember to be grateful, we don’t know how hard might have been for that person to get you something special. Even the smallest detail is pure gold.  We must learn not to take things for granted cause we don’t know how hard were they to get. 

There’s a difference of knowing  what a sacrifice is and actually appreciating  and doing them when it comes from someone who’s not your family,  due to this, any effort someone else  has done for you, has a big impact. I’d learn about  the importance of small events such as a surprise visit at home, an encouraging text or even a call just to say hello have a good day.

Whether we must share our last piece of our favorite cookie  with our siblings, parents  or any other person,  do it with love and never take anything for granted. 


A lo largo de nuestra vida vamos dándonos  cuenta que no todo es color rosa; te das cuenta que no cualquiera es tu amigo, la persona que más querés  puede ser la que más te lastime,  tu jefe o clientes pueden darte días  difíciles  en el trabajo,  tu profesor en la universidad  puede calificarte subjetivamente o que de repente te preguntas si escogiste la  carrera adecuada para vos,  dudas de tus decisiones, no sos feliz,  etc.

No importa la circunstancia  en la que estás,  no dejes que eso te atrape y te convierta en alguien que no sos. 

Pese a nuestras falencias,  de ellas debemos aprender  y mejorar cómo personas. Si fallamos tomemos ese error como lección para no volverlo a repetir. Nos encontramos  con que muchas situaciones nos pueden causar dolor y pensamos que no vamos a poder salir de ese hoyo porque nos dejamos llevar por los sentimientos que en ese instante padecemos; lo vemos como se algo imposible.

Es tanto el miedo de volver a creer en alguien o en vos mismo  cuando te han y has fallado,sin embargo, todos en algún  momento de nuestras vidas nos llevamos desilusiones. 

La vida se trata de no rendirse,  de esforzarse al máximo  y cómo  dicen “donde hay esperanza, hay vida”,  esto nos llena de coraje fresco y nos hace fuertes de nuevo  y es aquí  donde surge la Resiliencia,  el podernos enfrentar a las adversidades con la frente en alto, resurgir de la ya cesada perturbación en la que nos encontrábamos socavados. Te darás  cuenta entonces que aquello por lo que tanto te afligiste de repente ya no lastima como antes o incluso ya ni siquiera lo recordás o simplemente lo ves como algo que te hizo crecer y que te logró  abrir  los ojos. 

Todos vivimos con el objetivo de ser felices y si en algún  momento sentís que no lo sos,  anda a un lugar donde podas reencontrarte donde el silencio te pueda dar respuestas,  donde el viento te dé  ánimos.  Los mejores días aún  están por venir,  no te estanques en aquello que te hace sufrir,  cambia tus propósitos si es necesario,  auto evaluate para ver en qué ocupas mejorar;  busca TU felicidad,  es eso lo que importa, esa es tu resiliencia.